About Kepak

Kepak is one of Ireland’s leading meat producers with 12 manufacturing plants in Ireland and the UK. Meat craft, trusted quality and excellent service are the pillars of our proud heritage. Sustainability and animal welfare keep us grounded in the presence of nature and our communities. Innovation and inspirational nutrition drive our business to develop and grow.

For over 50 years, our farmers have trusted Kepak to process and market their livestock in a respectful way. Every day we renew our commitment to making a positive difference in every sector of our business, be it by leading the way as founding members of Origin Green or sharing experiences on Kepak Farm on topics ranging from animal nutrition, animal welfare, energy conservation to waste reduction.


Menu Trends

The world of food is always evolving and ever-changing, and the only way to keep pace is to truly live it. At Kepak, we keep you and your food business on-trend with the evolving tastes of your customers with our regular Food Safaris.

We travel around the globe to help us understand the latest food trends. We visit the local markets and leading food retailers, meet street food vendors and innovative chefs and, of course, sample the most delicious and interesting foods. This unique stimulus helps inspire us to create the next big food ideas.

Our Food Safari Teams garner the latest trends from adventures in eating around the world and bring these back for us to innovate inspiring products for you.

Bespoke Innovations And Foodservice Solutions


Food is no longer just about consumption. Customers are looking for an experience. With over 30 years of expertise in the European Foodservice market, Kepak understands both the challenges and opportunities that you face every day.

Our food concepts are an effective way to bring new and exciting flavours to the customer, and big benefits to your business. We offer a range of on-trend concepts that provide caterers with an opportunity to drive new revenue, and a solution to keep consumers engaged and returning.

Understanding that every sector and catering outlet has different needs is one of our strengths, offering great products and service solutions is another. In our Foodservice Centre of Excellence and Innovation, you can experience the user-journey, from branding to cooking and preparation, to the serving and best of all – the tasting. We regularly host training workshops for caterers on all aspects of the foodservice experience, come to us with a project in mind, or let us help you with some inspirational flavours.


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